"You are what you do, not what you say you'll do." ― C.G. Jung


The MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions) tourism has been recognized as the new buzz work around the business sector across the world. It is specifically designed for the business man who has to travel on a business purpose. This has stirred up the curiosity of the businessmen where they find it completely satisfactory when traveling across the country with their team.

In Flylink, we understand the client needs and vow to take care of their corporate as well as their individual needs. After careful analyses of the purpose of their tour on the first place, we handle every intricate details of their trip with ample attention. We deliver crystal clear information regarding the details of their visit and our guidance in allowing them to explore the place. It includes the suggestions of the major elements such as shopping, sightseeing and recreational activities. Our major goal of offering MICE services to the clients is to cater quality and hassle-free services for their successful business venture.


There are people who would love spending their leisure time active and notable. This is especially done for those kind of people who would end up seeking great adventures through their leisure tours. At Flylink, we make it possible for all kind of adventures that one could seek for. It is arranged on the client request based on their interest where the choices are like visiting adventure parks, skiing, horse riding, skydiving, paragliding and other such activities.

We are highly concerned towards the tourist's safety which makes us cautious and secured over the itinerary planning. With the increasing risk factors in a world of uncertainty, we always keep our visitors protected with the best leisure services at an ease. Our adept and extensive team of personnel operates the leisure tourism with vigilance by making a bigger picture of the tour far earlier.


The FIT is the Free Independent Traveler tourism where an individual backpacks for an independent tour to spend some lone time for him/her. These individuals go on an adventure trip or kid of fun filled activity trips which we make it a perfect destination suitable for their desires with extended safety. We at Flylink help you choose the best place along with our services like accommodation, food and overall tour guidance. Being an independent traveler, you are able to enjoy your solitude through adventure activities, trekking etc.


It is quiet easy to travel your desired location on a preset date which would be quiet safe and secured for the tourists. We at Flylink, take care of the series travels with great responsibility as we do it for the other travel packages. No more waiting for setting up a preferred date for your travel. Get yourself the details of the preset travel plan from your agent and book your travel right away!

Cruise Holidays

Planning a right holiday is the best way to strengthen your family bond. Be it a single traveler, a couple or a family, getting onto a cruise for few days to spend the vacation is a real fun and completely unique. We offer the best-in-class cruise holidays with our across-the-board assistance. All you have to do is pick the right choice from the packages and we make your tour awe-inspiring. The clients are offered with a luxurious cruise for a relaxed vacation amidst the ocean while visiting various places. The cruise is also differentiated from corporate cruise, family cruise and honeymoon cruise where the cruise is booked as per the client preference for making it a complete entertainment holiday. You can also take a cruise vacation with Caribbean cruise, Mediterranean cruise, far-east cruise or Alaska cruise where you can visit the best islands and cities that will be etched in your memory forever.

Medical Tourism

With the increase of medical emergencies, the medical tourism has been gaining a lot of limelight in this growing global-wide medical condition. People find it secured to get treated in the best hospitals even if it takes to fly across countries. Thus Flylink offers the patients and their family with best possible solutions and services. The cost effectiveness and best medical treatments are what the travelers expect with medical tourism which is made easy with the help of our expert team. The medical tourists are guided through their trip with transparency by communicating and educating them with their needs.

Education Tour (Student Exchange Program)

In the world of education, the end of an academic year marks for the season of education tour where the students are taken abroad as a school trip or student exchange program. This is mainly to educate the students regarding the various demographic, social and cultural changes that they are in need to accept to prepare them for their future career. The education tour is becoming more and more popular which results in various institutions initiating for partnership with renowned universities in order to augment the student exchange program. Flylink offers to assist the students who are admitted into student exchange program by making arrangements for their travel, accommodation, university tour and various other such services where the students are able to be guided safe and sound.

Honeymoon Packages

Mark the beginning of your everlasting love story with an exotic honeymoon package offered by various tour agents. Newly married couples are likely to have a serene and delightful tour which has to be cherished for their lifetime. Going on a honeymoon is not just a time-off from your busy schedule to visit unseen places but also to get to know each other better for a life-long commitment. We, at Flylink, offer the newly wed the most memorable trip ever by taking care of their apiece needs right from their itinerary planning to completion of their tour. The services include the airport pickup, accommodation, food, place visit, conveyance arrangement etc. All you need to do is get ready for your outlandish honeymoon destination with your bags and cameras.

Trade Fair

There are a number of corporates who would like to put up a stall in domestic or international trade fair for their products. The trade fairs are mostly conducted in large masses of business entities by adding a stall. Businessmen from all around the globe would participate in order to make their products competitive in the global market scenario. We offer them the best service options by assisting them from the airport with accommodation, transportation facilities for the trade fair and also various other recreational amenities available for them to make their time well-spent after the trade show. Flylink has a large client base who fly often for such trade fairs and they are highly satisfied with our services offered to them during their stay.

Film Tourism

The film industry demands for exploring rare, unique and lovely places for their shooting. This is where we, Flylink, get to help them by offering a list of places to choose by allowing them to take a detailed visit where we serve them by offering them all guidance with regard to the place and its history. There is a vast difference from guiding a tourist and guiding a film industry professional. The film industry needs the place for shooting where we assist them in getting all the legal documents prepared right from seeking the concerned country's government for the acceptance for filming to the end of the filming program. Our clients are provided with the best accommodation, transportation and food services according to their needs.

Hotel bookings

Flylink takes pride in gaining large customer base with our motto "Offering a home away from home". No more fear of getting your pockets burned with hotels that add extra hidden costs. We help you find the best hotels as per your budget by making a safe and secured hotel reservation with standard policies. Our extremely compassionate team members guide you throughout the stay as we are concerned about making our customers satisfied with the stay.


What good is your vacation with your loved ones going to be when there is no proper transportation available? Thus, Flylink steps in to help you with the transportation options that are available in your destination place according to your necessity. Now make your vacation more fun by spending more time with your family with convenient transportation facility. You can also pick your own choice of vehicle as per your budget.

Visa Services

With us, you can get relaxed right after your decision to travel. We take the tension out of your mind by offering incessant services starting from VISA service. No need to worry about your VISA problems anymore and just begin with your vacation planning and backpacking as we take care of all the VISA procedures. No matter what country or on what purpose you decide going on a vacation, we buy it for you be it a business visa, tourist visa or a student visa.

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